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Dermatology cases count for a significant workload for first opinion veterinarians and they can sometimes be challenging. Here at Virtual Veterinary Dermatologists, our Diplomat dermatologists believe that by supporting first opinion veterinarians with help and advice, these cases can be resolved more quickly and easily. Online access to our Specialists will give you a rational list of differential diagnoses, pertinent diagnostic tests, treatment options and long term management plans.

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So how does Virtual Veterinary Dermatologists (VVD) work?

Virtual Vet Derms has been set up under the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons ViVet scheme and brings you support and assistance in a new way. Our concept is in line with the RCVS Guide to Professional Conduct. Register with us today and by registering with us, you have access to Diplomat qualified veterinary dermatology specialists who can work alongside you in a cost-effective way to help you manage those tricky cases. Our aim is to be able to offer answers to Quick Questions, provide written advice via our Report Forms, arrange telemedicine consultations with you and your client in your own practice, or arrange a referral visit for your client and their pet to visit the specialist at their own referral centre. In total, a complete dermatology support for you and your practice.

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We can offer you complete advice for all your dermatology cases through our RCVS and European Specialists in Veterinary Dermatology and our Consultants in Internal Medicine, Exotic Medicine and Oncology. Their collective expertise covers a wide range of small and large animals including domestic, exotic and zoo species. To Register with us click here to set up your account. Then when you next have a problem, you can just log in to your account and click on the service you need. One of our Specialist consultants will then get back to you with answers, help and recommendations for what to do next. For practices wishing to talk to our Specialists on a more regular basis, we offer a Subscription Plan to reduce the cost per written report.

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