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Welcome to Virtual Veterinary Dermatology.

Here at Virtual Veterinary Dermatologists we believe that everyone should have access to affordable advice from a Veterinary Dermatology Specialist.

Virtual Veterinary Dermatologists has been set up by Dr Sue Paterson who holds both British and European Diplomas in veterinary dermatology and is globally recognised as a Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology. Sue has more than 20 years experience in referral veterinary practice. She has written seven veterinary dermatology books on skin and ear disease, published more than sixty peer reviewed papers and lectured both nationally and internationally. Together with a similarly qualified team of dermatology colleagues, Sue’s vision is to bring affordable specialist help and advice directly to both pet owners and veterinary surgeons. To this end, Virtual Veterinary Dermatologists was born!


Skin and Ear disease in animals is very common

Skin and ear disease probably accounts for 20% of all cases presenting to primary care veterinarians.

However we suspect that is just the tip of the iceberg. Some sources have suggested that one in every ten dogs may have skin or ear disease which means, based on recent figures, there may be nearly a million dogs with skin problems in the UK before we even consider cats, rabbits, horses and other animals, and of course skin disease doesn’t just affect the insured pedigree dog; any dog can develop skin disease at any age. We know many owners struggle with their pet’s skin problem either because they haven’t sought the opinion of a veterinarian or because their veterinarian has been unable to find a long term solution for their pet. Our veterinary dermatology specialists are hugely experienced and are able to recognise particular signs. Skin and ear disease can also affect many other animal species and so some of our specialist consultants are able to advise on exotic pets such as iguanas and snakes, and also zoo animals. Dermatology is all about having the experience to recognise the clinical signs of disease and our specialists are here to do just that.

So at Virtual Veterinary Dermatologists we can bring the specialist to you.

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Let us help you and your pet now

Our advice forms can be used by you and the report our Consultant sends you can help you to manage your pet’s skin or ear problem. Alternatively, if you are registered with a veterinary practice already, your vet can contact us directly

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